One Year

So many gyros.
Running- for the tram, for the bus, for the metro.
A loss of one confidence, the birth of another.
Homesick and hurt.
Deep peace, and deeper joy.
Visitors- family, strangers, friends.
Getting lost.
Leaning in.
Opening up.
Coffee Shops.
New friends, friends so far away.
Hard news.
Happy news.
Pain and healing.
Lots of ancient things.
Facetime, texts, videos, messages, calls.
Freddo Cappuccinos.
Soul tired.

Today is the day we left the US last year. I’m staying with my two honorary nieces and one nephew this week— just me and them. So I hadn’t thought much of the day in itself… but those sweet kids came in my room first thing this morning and gave me cards they made… and my mind ran. I thought of all the things above. A blur of joy and pain that I could have never ever imagined. I didn’t know I could love two worlds so much. I wish I could share my worlds with each other more than anything. I hugged those sweet kids this morning and cried. On one hand I can’t imagine having not been here with them this year… but on the other hand I completely can because I’ve missed the lives of all the people I loved before one year ago. The reality that it’s possible to love someone so much— maybe even more— that you never see and hardly talk to is mind bending. It doesn’t feel like a possible love, but it is. Also before moving here I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to feel loved by someone that doesn’t know that much about me… but I can. I have friends here that care about me despite me being completely different from them and that’s a love I’ve never experienced. And it’s so special. So, American friends and family, thank you. Thank you for making this year possible in every way. For your support, your prayers, your encouragement, and all the endless effort put in to inconvenient communication. For helping us move, and sending us off with love. For being faithful when our faith is lost. Greek friends, thank you for welcoming us and loving us. For celebrating our weird holidays, and explaining wedding invitations. Thank you for inviting me to your home. Thank you for helping me find stores, and explaining what I should wear. For helping me with my homework, and allowing/encouraging me to teach. Thank you for sticking with conversations even though English can be exhausting. Thank you for letting me see your heart, and thank you for seeing mine. Greece, I love you. America, I’ll always love you too. I love you both… and I like that.

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