You Mean…Me?

Joe & I at Lineville Falls a couple weeks ago on a fun get away for his 26 birthday.

I’ve wanted to be a missionary for about as long as I can remember. I feel really embarrassed admitting that… I think that’s because for a long time I felt like I would never be worthy to be a missionary- I thought that is something only super humans do. I remember the first time I learned what a missionary was in elementary school. Pretty much from that point on I thought that everyone that believes in Jesus secretly wanted to be a missionary like I did… and I thought that literally until this year. It took our team in Greece giving us a good little shoulder shake to say, “Ummmm NO. Not everyone secretly wants to live overseas. Thats a calling.” And even when we were at our training someone said, “Will all the missionaries please stand up so we can pray for you?” And I thought, “Ooh yay! There’s missionaries in here! I hope I get to meet them” …. And then I realized he was talking about us. So I have come to two conclusions 1) that missionaries are not super humans. 2) I do have a calling.

Its super scary to put one of your dreams on the line and tell everyone you can and then deal with that deep, pit-of-your-stomach fear that, “Maybe I shouldn’t tell them I’m going cause what if it doesn’t work out.” And then there is the whole amazing aspect that people actually also think that this is a good idea, and are even willing to give us financial support to show it. Leaving work yesterday Joe and I walked by a good friend and we stopped to chat and she just casually mentioned that she had decided to join our monthly support team. I immediately hugged her (which her not-so-touchy self loved, I’m sure) and thanked her and thanked her. She said, “Stop, its not that big of a deal.” And I couldn’t find my words at the time but… yeah. Its a big deal. Its the biggest deal. Joe and I truly feel that the Lord is calling us to move to Greece, and she has decided to say, “Yes, I agree with that. I want to help you pursue your dreams, and pursue your calling.” I mean… that’s love, isn’t it? When someone says, “I see you, and I believe that God’s got you in a good spot. So here, let me join.” What?!?! Its crazy. Me? I get to do this? I know that support raising is going to be a journey full of ups and downs but right now I’m just beyond grateful for God’s provision, h0w he has given people extraordinary generosity, and that He is letting my calling also be my life dream. I am so humbled. So blessed. And so excited.

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